Diary Of A Lost Soul

At the end of last month, I entered the depths of despair and purged writing a post titled “Thinking Out Loud” which was a heartfelt open letter about my struggles with being a new entree into Bloggerdom and difficulties of juggling my passion alongside my 9-5 that I am now desperate to clamber out of.

I decided to write this post for a number of reasons;

  • It was my current situation
  • I really needed to vent
  • Because I needed my readers to know the reasons for the inconsistencies

After publishing the post, I received oodles of affirmations of encouragement from the blogging community, family and friends that lifted my spirits and motivated me to keep pushing even in the face of adversity

I have always found writing to be a method of therapy for me, for as long as I can remember I have pursued solace in the form of a pen and paper. From letters to my ex-boyfriends to angry rant filled paragraphs about my displeasure at the curfew I had been given by my mother, writing it all out and casting my burdens off onto a page really gave me the peaceful feeling I needed.

I consider myself to be quite a positive person who can dibble dabble in the pit of negativity from time to time, but it is not a realm I spend enough time to take a tour of. So most of my negative moments are either a lesson, motivational kick up the ass or a sign.

In this instance it was two out of the three, to keep me motivated in the pursuit of my dreams but also sign that it may be time to use this pain turn it into something uplifting and add another layer to the blog that shares my inner most negative or positive life concerns.

I don’t see myself as a lifestyle blogger at all because I love a rant way too much and I am far too foul mouthed to really be the poster girl for enthusiasm, but ‘Diary of a Lost Soul’ is created for the everyday individual who finds it difficult to find their way amongst the highs and woes of life just like me.

I hope by sharing my experiences I can make at least one person feel little less lonely.


Happy Reading


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