Inspiration For a New Year

It has come to that old fateful time where most people begin to reflect on all of their achievements and transgressions of the last year with deep scrutiny, analyse them and vow to never become their former shell ever again. Unfortunately guys I am one of those sentimental individuals who reaches the start of a new year, and is strongly driven to make this year better than the last. But hear me out before ya’ll condemn me to the kingdom of corniness for eternity. My reason for doing it serves more of a motivational purpose than to create wildly unrealistic and unachievable goals. I refuse to put pressure on myself to appear wise and well thought out when really I get to the end of the year and thinking ” homegirl, what have you actually done”.

I devise what I would like to dub standards to shape ideas for what I should be adhering over the upcoming year. And if they don’t go exactly to plan than hey better luck next year boo.

So if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I brought in the new year vision boarding because I am a visual learner and some of the ideas I came up with were;

Continue with the glo-up of Cheap Clothes 4 Heauxs

I have been a blogger for almost 2 years, and although the progress has not been exactly what I thought it would be when I initially birthed my brain child. In 2017 I was really able to see the beginnings of the growth of my brand, when I was in the planning stages of starting the blog I low-key believed that it could blow-up overnight. And when it didn’t I was high-key disheartened and questioned it’s purpose. But looking back I have enjoyed every high and low of the process, and every part of it has been a a major key to teaching me everything I need to know to make the blog a million times better than it was last year.

Travel More

The best Instagram pictures are taken abroad and I am well deserving of my profile getting a boost. Okay, I joke but I really want to expand on the Robinson Crusoe that lives deep within me and get to different parts of the world. I have visited many countries in my life, but there is still so much that I have not seen… And it the photos will look amazing, but you can’t judge me I am a creative😋

Me time

I am a part-time blogger with a full-time job as my loyal followers are aware, so I feel as though I spend forever and a day working. Where my part-time role is one of my deepest loves Rea’s system can sometimes reach overload and even her better than Duracell batteries need a recharge, so I need to take time to look after my needs. Plus it will give me the opportunity to tick some things off my ever dusty bucket list, maybe learn a new skill or rebuild pastures with an old hobby.

Be in control of my health

Within the last couple of years I have felt that the social media has really played a huge part in showing us the deficits of the nations health and in particular the state of our food. So at the tail end of last year I began the transition into becoming a Vegan based on what I have learnt about our bodies and the effects poor eating habits can have on us, through this I have reignited my taste for exercise and I am aiming to get in tip top shape this year.

Exude confidence

We might aswell call this the confession hour because I am about to get real, I have battled with my physical appearance for most of my life. I can consistently feel confident in my ability to slay because I am your resident clothes horse, but to really look at myself and say “Serea you look beautiful” is a real ass struggle for me. So this year I am going to attempt to be more confident in what the good Lord gave me and praise my physical appearance a lot more.

Thank you to all of my followers, 2017 truly was my year of growth and I really have all of you to thank for it. I hope ya’ll are feeling as enthuasiastic as I am about the start of a new year. Stick around ya girl to be a part of all the antics I’ll be bringing to 2018.

Happy New Year

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