30 Before 30 Bucket List

Last Sunday I reached another milestone in my life, the 8th of April 2018 marked my 29th birthday and the last year of my twenties. Yes guys, I am almost 30 years old😣

30 is that year that is supposed to be the life-changing era, according to society you are supposed to have figured out the meaning of life and be well on your way to mastering it by this age. But the reality is most of us are focused on just being able to come to terms with paying off our student loans never mind looking at the wider aspects of the future.


In my old age I have become a sentimental old lass and have always been a massive stickler for living my best life, so I am always up for trying new things and willing to go on adventures that will serve as lifelong memories. I felt the best way to honor all of these characteristics I possess and give me something to look back on was to start a bucket list of things that I have been thinking about doing for the longest but have either put off or chickened out of doing.

So I compiled all of my thoughts into a list of 30 things to do over the next year;

  1. Travel somewhere I don’t know the language
  2. Learn to forgive
  3. Overcome a fear
  4. Attend a Halloween party in full costume
  5. Participate in Carnival
  6. Finally get that tattoo you have been talking about for years
  7. Travel solo
  8. Get your business off the floor
  9. Get your work-life balance in order
  10. become more confident with fashion shoots
  11. Embrace my body
  12. Go on a road trip
  13. Do something for your community
  14. Complete a charity obstacle course
  15. Go to an art class
  16. Make my own flower wall
  17. Get in touch with my faith
  18. Try out more vegan recipes
  19. Release a lantern into the sky
  20. Do something that scares you
  21. Learn to make your own clothing
  22. Take a buying and merchandising course
  23. Save money
  24. Master Mindfulness
  25. Accept and love yourself
  26. Start dancing again
  27. Expand the blog
  28. Start a podcast
  29. Pass my driving test
  30. Generate another stream of income


My 20’s have been wonderful to me and I have probably gained most of my wisdom within the last 6 years, so I can only imagine how eventful the dirty 30’s will be. If any of my readers are as old as me or have started a bucket list for any other reason please let me know what you want to achieve in the comments. I will be keeping you guys up to speed on what I have achieved over the next year, and whether I complete it all or not I will still have so much to be proud of.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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