Why Kanye’s Slavery Concept isn’t Complete Nonsense

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Before I get deep into this post I am going to set it completely straight with a very clear disclaimer… I do not agree with Kanye West’s “Free Thinking” idealism at all. His self anointed wokeness has been spewed across my Twitter timeline for the last week or so and as a proud member of the black community it bothers me that it appears as if he has renounced his culture with his comments that diminish our struggle, and the lengths that we still have to go.

But it is not this that has brought me to my blog page to talk about the views of a Donald Trump loving fool, it is the TMZ interview that has been doing the rounds within the last 72 hours.



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Source: TMZ


For some reason, the arrogant Mr West took his free thought to the Internets biggest video gossip hub to share his concept on his support for the POTUS and the viral image of him wearing a signed “Make America Great Again” hat which was the slogan of his winning campaign. The pow wow descended into something he wasn’t expecting as his profound notions brought him to the topic of slavery which he described as a “400-year choice”.

Now here is the part where ya’ll will probably begin to get upset with me, because as much as I have despised Kanyes’ ranting ways since his first epic incident with Taylor Swift at the VMA’s ( I refunded my Wireless tickets in 2014 because he was replacing Drake). He is not completely wrong.

My mum loves history, and although I shamed the family by dropping it in year 10 (her words not mine) I was blessed to be introduced to stories of the strife my race endured and how these steps have given us the privilege of the standpoint we have in society today.


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Source: National Park Service


My interpretation of Yeezy’s view was that sometimes as black people we can get mentally stuck in positions in life, especially today with all of the historical encounters of being seen as unequal. Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner are a long list of the few people that had the guts to build a revolution against their slave owners, when I think back to those books my mum gave me in those revolutionary hours of Harriet holding her private meetings with her fellow sisters and brothers she was often branded a fool who was going to get herself killed. Many slaves turned down her idea of living free because they had put their mind in a place that consistently told them that our race was built to be nothing more than servants to their white owners. And it was not until the tale of Harriet’s success had gotten around that people started believing that their lives could really change and it would take a massive risk to succeed.

These themes are 1000% relevant today even hundreds of years later, our race can definitely now be a slave to society and forced to follow certain ways of living. I mean all you have to do is fire up social media and see a bunch of people wearing labels they struggle to pronounce or selling their soul for opportunities alongside people who go completely against their core beliefs.

Our ancestors fought for all those years so we could do more with our lives than to spend all of our hard-earned cash on designer clothing and jewelry to stunt for the gram, or follow our oppressors to open the door to opportunity. We were supposed to continue the legacy and keep the revolution alive.



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Source: Wealthy Gorilla


Kanye has built a very successful empire off of speaking about issues in the black community and it appears that he has ditched some of those very thoughts within the last few days. Before becoming the award-winning self-proclaimed rapper Yezus, he was a young black man living in Chicago feeling downtrodden by the system with a dream and unable to afford the attire he now adorns in music videos. Fast forward a decade or so and he has swept away the notions that pushed him to reach his current platform developing into an entitled rich ass who is hell-bent on aligning him with the fat cats of the industry.

I am all for freedom of speech, there are some major issues in the world today that deserve a lot of attention. But it doesn’t mean freely speaking for the sake of it.

If Kanye West wants something to talk about, tell him to holla at me about Yeezy season whatever we on prices!

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