New Year, New Mood

I have said it sooo many times now but 2018 was my biggest test to date. I went through so many things that challenged me as a person and there were moments when I just felt like giving up on everything I planned.
These tribulations have shown me that if there was any moment that I thought I knew it before, I am now certain that I can make it through anything. But most importantly that I know who I am, and I believe that this is the best lesson you can ever learn. So this year I am going to take these attributes I learned about myself, use them to transform me into the Boss Lady I was born to be and conquer 2019.
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I Am A Born Leader
Funnily enough, I am a massive introvert but my loud mouth depicts otherwise. I have often let others use that characteristic to define me as someone who loves the spotlight. But the reality is if you really know me you are aware that I would rather sit right at the back, in the dark where nobody can see me. I have noticed that this has probably aided in me missing out on viable opportunities because I have been given a complex about it.
So this year I will no longer hide in the shadows, but stand in the fact that I cannot lead from the back. Stay tuned to see me doing all the things that terrify me but will, in turn, direct me to all the things I desire to achieve.
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I’m Hustler Baby
I have never been content with one just thing, I even chose my Universtiy degree all those years ago because of the various different avenues it could lead me to as I know how easily I get bored. So my inner Jackie of all trades has been screaming for me to push on with the ideas that swim around my brain on a daily basis. This year I will put all of my skills to use so that I can finally feel fulfilled in my working life, from blogging to volunteering I will be doing it all.
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Being Unapologetically Me
I spent a lot of time last year second guessing every move I made. I felt so anxious about whether I was doing the right thing, or what another person’s interpretation of the decision I made would be and it made me terribly self-conscious of who I am. This year I have decided not to over analyse and remember that because I am a good person so the choices I make will not be with the intent to hurt anyone in any way. And to remember that it is okay to be the loud, courageous, obnoxious and adventurous girl that is me!!!
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Unleashing My Spirituality
In the middle of last year, I went back to church, this was a long-term goal of mine but I was finally able to achieve it and it was the best thing I have ever done. It has shaped my learning over last year and I truly do not believe that I would be so happy without it or even have the courage to write this post. So this year I hope to get closer to God and really understand my spirituality better.
I read a quote this week that said making it through last year is a major achievement in itself. If you like myself have had with many moments of adversity within the last year, getting past that point is enough for you to win this year.
So use those hard times to motivate you and really take charge in 2019, I wish you all luck in everything you aspire.
Happy New Year!!!

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