Goodbye… For Now

Blogging has been one of the best things I have ever done, I wrote for a very long time and refused to release it to the world out of anxiety of what others would think and lack of confidence in my abilities. But I remember the feelings I had pressing publish on my first post being a mix of worry and pride, and I would not trade any of those for a thing in this world.

I started Cheap Clothes 4 Heauxs because I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. I didn’t come from a family where money was freely available. So when I got to university, I felt like a fish out of water hanging around girls who got allowances from their parents and lil old me who had to hustle to make things work utilised all the tricks of the trade to keep up with them given to me by my mother who was my first fashion inspiration. I decided I wanted to share these techniques that I still use till this very day, with girls who felt the same way I did, or women who just like to look good and save those extra coins for something more worthwhile.

Despite the reason for my hiatus, which has been due to major moves being made in my main hustle, I feel like my soul is yearning for me to fulfil a different destiny. Last year I launched a new portion to the blog named Diary of a Lost Soul which was born out of my frustrations with my position within that moment. Not only was I able to release my innermost thoughts and feeling, but I was able to find a new love in my life that allows me to be a sounding board for myself as well as show others that life is an experience of ups and downs that nobody is alone with.

With this being said, it is with a heavy heart that I close the chapter on Cheap Clothes 4 Heauxs, but allow a larger platform for Diary of A Lost Soul to flourish. Just like life, we grow, and in order to move forward towards new opportunities, we must close the door on some of the very ones that we started with. I aim for Diary of a Lost Soul to be a lifestyle blog for people from all walks of life to seek support, advice and “oh hell yes” moments from as at times we just need a place to keep it real.

Fashion will always be my first love. But I sense that my purpose is leading me in a different direction, this choice could cause me to lose some very loyal followers or to find some new people to interact with but what I can guarantee is that the style of my content will never change so stick around for your girl.

Thank you all for staying down with me through my hiatus. Stay tuned for some great content and a transformation coming this way on Diary of a Lost Soul for the highs and woes of life from your average Josephine😉

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