The Joys of Turning 30…

I remember growing up looking at time, selecting certain age milestones and agonising over how far away I was from grasping at womanhood. Although I thoroughly embraced being a child I used to look at my older sister enjoying the freedom of being a teenager eagerly anticipating my turn. That was until my 28th birthday, that gloomy 30th year appeared to be rapidly closing in on me and I found myself pleading with God to reason with father time and restore me to the carefree 15-year-old who’s biggest worry was finding an excuse for why she hadn’t completed her Science homework.

Now the time has arrived and I can say that it has been the most refreshing experience of my life to date. For those who already know me and are reading this are probably currently laughing as you all tried to explain this to me, I sincerely apologise as I was hiding my pain through my jokes about your older age. But I know that there are some 20 somethings out there due to turn 30 and are having severe anxiety over the impending event just like I did, I spent so much time over analysing it when I could have really been appreciating it all. I felt compelled to discuss this as it would be totally ignorant of me to have this fountain of understanding without passing it on, so here are my favourite things about turning 30;


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Clarity of Mind

My 20’s were full of such cloudiness and uncertainty, not knowing what to do or whether what I had decided was the right thing based on the achievements of others or expectations from my parents made, it felt like every decision I made was out of immaturity and lack of knowledge.  But when I turned 30 I felt an instantaneous lift that has continued to reassure me that I live and work to my standards, so what others have won’t show itself in my life because we are all walking different paths and will forever reach different outcomes.


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Confidence in Myself

I am such a humble soul and have had such difficulty in believing in my abilities or celebrating my achievements. I spend a lot of my time motivating and encouraging other people to do whatever they set their mind to but didn’t hold myself to those same standards. Turning 30 gave me this air of confidence that assured me that I was capable of all those things I constantly dreamt or thought about doing even when I was a child, it showed me that believing in myself was the missing component to the success I desired and if I keep that thought process I there is nothing I can’t achieve.


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Birth of the Go-Getter Mentality

I have always had a hustlers ambition, but never have I ever had a thirst for taking many risks. My 20’s were spent always taking the safe route to achieve targets, and although there aren’t many things that I identify as major failures, being 30 has taught me that I really do need to do whatever it takes by any means necessary to ascertain certain goals. And when I look over the success of many millionaires I haven’t come across any that weren’t giving everything that they had towards their dreams, 50% of the work will give you 50% payout.


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Unwillingness to Give Up

Growing up I considered myself to be pretty invisible, I wasn’t bad enough to hang with the unruly kids and wasn’t smart enough to keep up with the bookworms so pretty much left me in this middle ground of invisibility where very little care was given from others towards my development. It made me feel like really wanted to give up on anything I previously aspired to be because others were unbothered. 30 showed me that I can do whatever I put my mind to despite the setbacks or delays that hinder my progression, it really takes time and hard work to see results and I have to be dedicated to seeing it through despite the support or critique from others.

Renewed Sense of Faith

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I always believed there was a God and in my late 20’s I built a relationship based on true understanding without influence from others with him, at 30 this alliance has only grown stronger and has been the sole reason for my confidence in ageing. The Bible discusses the 30th year as a time for building your foundation for your life, which means that your 20’s is about exploring and seeking knowledge and developing has allowed me to gain faith in plans not coming together as I see fit. So to all of you that don’t feel you have your vision together by age 25, fear not because life is supposed to be long and prosperous which means goals can take time to come to fruition or show themselves when your focus is elsewhere.

Life is worth embracing and being lived to it’s fullest, sometimes we pressurise ourselves and forget to take one day at a time and live in the moment. It is often negated that we are unable to slow time down or predict how our future will pan out so it is pointless wasting precious moments agonising over what is yet to come. Growing older is definitely a privilege for the opportunity to be alive and make more memories to enjoy, so whether you are turning 18, 25 or 35 just bask in it and let it be.

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