Be Your Own Spirit Animal

Throughout our lives, we are privileged to experience inspiration. At any given moment we can spontaneously be influenced by something we have seen or by someone we might know or follow, and when an individual is inspired by something it is usually superseded by empowerment which motivates them to reach out for their own goals and aspirations.

The term ‘Spirit Animal originally derived from Native Americans as an animal who chooses you, or you choose it for guidance & learning to help you throughout life. 21st-century millennials have remixed this ideology to fit with the current pop-culture, labelling the phrase as a person or character that represents your inner personality. Or someone who behaves as though they are showing your feelings through their own actions. Within the context of the most current understanding, a spirit animal can be anyone that a person may idolise or admire such as a family member, a friend, a celebrity, even a public figure. But I feel that there is a massive difference between admiration of one’s accomplishments and attempting to imitate another person’s lifestyle or journey.

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I have my very own spirit Goddess and she is nothing short of the amazing Mrs Carter, I respect Beyoncé because she is a boss, she is strong, and she consistently pushes boundaries to be the best and that is exactly what I aspire to be. But despite this, I am highly aware that I will never be Queen Bey for many reasons, as motivating as her path to greatness is she and I are completely different people and I sleep with ease being content with this. (p.s running on a treadmill while singing your guts off seems way too hard). But I have noticed that society tends to focus so much on the success of others that it can give off the impression that we have to follow one particular method to be successful and live a luxurious life.

For example, as a lifestyle blogger, my main aim is to conquer the internet with my posts full of wit, sass and life truths. Before I started the site, I was full of doubt because the web is crowded with other personalities of a stature similar to mine and it sometimes appears that other bloggers just blew up overnight. Whereas my blog as great as I feel my content is struggling to reach the right platforms. In the first year, I read copious articles researching on how to grow my following and the kinds of posts I would need to write to achieve that expectancy and none of these techniques has worked for my site to date. After I trashed myself for about an hour or so losing all faith in my hopes and dreams, I gained some clarity and realised that even though our goals might be identical to others within our field all of our pathways to said target will be very different, and the same model does not work for everyone.

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Sometimes I sit back and think what happened to embracing our own destiny? Why do we always attempt to manifest our purpose using another person’s blueprint? Now do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using lessons and motivation from others to assist in guiding you towards your own merits, but sometimes it is as if watching other people’s success has blinded us from our own journeys. So when our lives do not amount to the triumph of another’s we become distressed or feel like failures. Sites like Youtube has built spaces for creatives to share their talents worldwide and whilst this has been a viable tool it has forced people into thinking that following the challenges/pranks/story-telling approach is sure to gain instant fame and fast money.

The struggle to identify our own values is what causes us to admire the worth of our neighbours, the reality of it is that we were all brought in to this world to succeed one way or another, and the way to win it all is to continue to work within our own purpose with the gifts we have been granted. We all have differences so we should use them, despite it being shunned by society the world is deeply desperate for variety of opinion, mindset and ideas so don’t feel conforming to the social norms is the key to giving you your hearts desires.

So believe in yourself, admire what you have been given and use that to motivate yourself. But most of all be your own damn spirit animal!

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