New Year, New Thoughts…

I love the start of a new year, there is something about the squeaky clean freshness of analysing the last 365 days progress and planning for another period that ignites my inner control freak. Despite the burning desire to break out my favourite notebook and pen, I did begin to feel some uneasiness last week. As I did my social media rounds I came across “The Decade Challenge” which encouraged people to post pictures of their achievements within the last 10 years. Upon reflecting I began to no longer feel motivated by my accomplishments but as if I was not meeting the standards of my age mates.

It took me a couple of days of prayer and counsel with those closest to me that changed my outlook on what my energy should be focused on for 2020. I have personally spent a lot of time over the years assigning targets and then beating myself up over not reaching them or wasting time that I destroy all motivation I had by telling myself I failed. So rather than become neurotic over SMART goals, I have proudly ditched the idea of resolutions and swapped them out for mantras to focus my thoughts on.

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  1. Keeping a Conscious Mindset

I work a very stressful job which is extremely fast-paced which can become entirely consuming of my headspace. It often switches me into survival mode or what I like to call Zombie mode meaning I am no longer fully present in my everyday life and off-balance. Remembering that my 9-5 is just a portion of my life is integral to not slipping into the unconscious ways of living.

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2. Standing as a Leader

I am a natural-born leader but I have been passing up opportunities by opting to stand in the shadows due to fears and anxieties. Remember that it is a worthy talent of your character and part of your purpose.


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3. Use the Voice God Gave You

No longer allow the disapproval of others silence you, or make you think less of who you are and what you do. Your input is valid and required to further develop anything you are involved in.


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4. Be Riskier

Stop taking the safe route, you cannot always be 100% secure in the decisions you are making. Take a leap of faith, you might be surprised by what is laid before you.


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5. Lean Towards God

Relying on people has been a consistent disappointment as they are just as flawed as you are. Put all your confidence in the Lord’s ability to comfort you when you have fallen.


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6. Let Go of Missed Opportunities

Not everything you pursue is supposed to be yours, you will be rejected and denied so thank God and ask him to help you get back on the right course.

Anytime we compare ourselves to what others are completing we will be thwarted because every single one of our paths is different, the social media age has streamlined the ideas of what success looks like but it really takes many forms regardless of what is publicised. Stay focused on you and what you want and the rest is a non-factor, be proud of your goals and how far you get with them. Failure is a natural part of life and we should be encouraged to never stop chasing what we want because it didn’t work out the first time around.

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