Rea, Your Resident Soul Barer

My name is Rea and I have been a blogger for the last 3 years, I began my journey with my fashion blog Cheap Clothes 4 Heauxs as I have a love for fashion on a broke girls budget.  I started the blog because I wanted to share with any others in my position that you don’t have to desire the lifestyles of others to look good. There are so many ways to do the same thing on a budget.

Fast forward a few years later and my storytelling branched out from sharing my style secrets to expressing my deepest and closest inner thoughts. I initially found it therapeutic for myself as I have always kept books or diaries where I would intermittently discuss frustrations or ideas that were on my mind, and upon releasing these posts to the world I found that many others found it comforting to know that they were not alone with these notions. Others out there are also experiencing the same thing.

I still adore fashion but my passion has expanded to not only sharing style secrets but also inspiring others and it is something I will continue to do until the wheels fall off. With this being said I welcome you all to the  Diary of a Lost Soul, the place for you to feel encouraged and resonate with the thoughts that take you through the highs and woes in life…